December 15, 2017

Laser Hair Removal at Home

laser hair removal at home picFor cosmetic reasons typically women are weary of the unwanted hair that affect their beauty. The long and short of their desire is to get rid of unnecessary hair once and for ever. There is no silver bullet that can do this in no time; however, laser hair removal has been emerging as one of the most effective methods with its long lasting effects. Previously people had to seek the skin-professionals’ assistance if they wanted to have their hair removed by laser. Fortunately, today we have a plenty of laser devices that do the same at home providing remarkable convenience and ease.

Certain laser hair removal devices have been claiming to offer as much effective results as treatments by professionals do. No doubt, such lasers are less time consuming, cost-effective and give substantial results but still one must be aware of the fact that a small mistake may cause irrevocable loss to the skin or body parts. Therefore before purchasing any type of laser product make sure that it is safe for your skin. You can consult some skin-specialist prior to using any laser hair removal device at home or at least you can furnish accurate information to the manufacturer so that he may assign specific laser matching your skin tone and color.

A number of laser hair removal devices have been advertised these days but among them only two, Tria and Silk’n Sensepil are recognized by the Food and Drug Administration of United States (FDA). You can go through Silk’n Sensepil reviews to have an idea about how actually this device works.

The standard products use either electromagnetic radiation like in Tria or home pulse light (HPL) such as Silk’n Sensepil. The pigment in the hair shaft absorbs these lights and consequently removes the hair follicle at the root. These devices come in five adjustable settings going from very low to very high. These devices are further divided into two parts: base unit and applicator. The applicators are designed to fit the user’s hand so that it may easily be held in hand and applied at any part of the skin without any difficulty.

Laser hair removal devices also include skin-sensors that ensure whether the user’s skin tone is suitable for the application or not. Some latest devices automatically cease emitting electric pulses on detecting skin tone or color inappropriate for treatment. Hand-held devices have a pulse button which delivers light pulses. In addition to these components, they contain a disposable cartridge which accumulates unwanted hair.

The most important advantage of this device is that while using it at home, it can remove your unwanted hair safely and effectively. Since it is one of two home lasers approved by the FDA, it speaks volume of its effectiveness because the FDA does not approve any product without extensive lab testing. Laser hair removal at home helps you get rid of unnecessary hair irrespective of its presence on arms, underarms, back, chest, stomach or legs. The skin-care specialists suggest that because of high radioactive lights, such lasers should not be used over face for it may render loss to eyes.  In a nutshell, laser hair removal is one of the best, efficient, cost-effective, time-saving, and result-oriented methods for eliminating unwanted hair.

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