December 17, 2017

How to Cure Gynaecomastia with Surgical Procedures?

Gynecomastia picThe abnormal enlargement of male breasts is medically known as Gynaecomastia. Male infants, teenagers, and adults all are prone to this disease due to one or the other reason. Infants contract this disease due to female hormones from mothers while teenagers and adults develop abnormal breasts mainly because of hormonal imbalance that stimulates mammary glands grow in an abnormal size. Obesity, imbalanced estrogenic effects, drugs and different other diseases are also considered to be responsible for unnatural breast growth in males.

How to get rid of man breasts?

Since it is often considered to be a mere cosmetic problem, most of the affected persons do not go for Gynaecomastia treatment. In a similar way, it also disappears on its own within months or years. However, teenagers take it as a source of embarrassment and psychological distress. Moreover, if it does not disappear within the expected timeframe, we cannot rule out the possibility of the growth of cancerous lesion. In these cases it becomes imperative to undergo a surgery in order to avoid life-threatening effects.

Surgical Procedures for Gynaecomastia

Liposuction and gland excision are two most common surgical procedures used for the reduction of male breasts. It is appropriate to take the stock of various factors prior to deciding on surgery: these include review of medical history, restructuring medications, consideration of various dos and don’ts regarding eating habits, and on top of them Gynaecomastia surgery cost.

Whether you intend to undergo liposuction or gland excision, the surgeon will perform the procedure under general or local anesthesia with sedation. The liposuction procedure is sought after when the enlarged breasts contain excessive fatty tissues. This procedure vacuums fat deposits from under the skin with a hollow tube, known as canola, or an aspirator, a suction device.

In case excess of glandular tissue is the major cause of enlargement, excision procedure is applied to cut the tissue out with a scalpel. In this procedure, the surgeon makes incision either in the underarm area or on the edge of the nipple in order to take away the excess of glandular tissue. To get a flatter and better-contours of chest is dependent on relatively cuts that leave visible scars and take about three to four weeks to get back to the routine activities.

As far as the average Gynaecomastia surgery cost is concerned, it is in the range of $3000 to $5000. However, the exact cost is determined on the bases of the amount of fats, the size of glandular tissue, and the city of treatment.

The surgical Gynaecomastia treatment is no doubt a proven method for reducing the size of male breasts; however, one must take into account various disadvantages as well that come as a result of surgical operation. Surgical procedures are accompanied by certain risks including scarring, swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, irregular breast contours, skin discoloration, pain, loose skin, fluid loss, fluid accumulation, and wrinkling. Moreover, the treated person is also required to take complete rest for at least a month prior to engaging in routine activities.

If someone does not decide on surgery and asks, “How to get rid of man breasts naturally?, we would still be able to recommend more than one method of Gynaecomastia treatment. Firstly, natural health supplements like Gynexin beef up the body’s natural sex production and put paid to any hormonal imbalance.

Secondly, in order to contain fats, the major culprit for Gynaecomastia, weight loss exercises must be included in daily routine. Proper and persistent weight loss workouts drastically suppress breast enlargement.

Thirdly, one should avoid consuming alcohol and marijuana because both of these tend to enhance the production of estrogens which is really very bad for Gynaecomastia.

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