December 17, 2017

How does Gynexin Reduce Man Breasts?

gynexin picGynexin is one of the latest supplements composed of all natural ingredients that are really effective in reducing symptoms of Gynaecomastia, known by laymen as man breasts or boobs.

The use of Gynexin in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations aims at minimizing the fatty tissues that tend to accumulate in the mammary glands and resultantly enlarge the size of male breasts to put the sufferer in great embarrassing.

buy gynexinFeatures of Gynexin

1. Natural Supplement

The defining feature of Gynexin is that it is composed of natural ingredients that offer risk-free treatment for male breasts. Green tea extract, caffeine, theobromine cacao, scraleolides, gelatin, and titanium dioxide are the major ingredients of Gynexin. These natural elements maintain better contours of chest and reduce enlarged breasts.

2. Easy Usability

Gynexin offers comparatively easy usability. As per the manufacturer recommendation, it should be taken twice a day, one capsule in the morning and the second in the evening. However, if the problem is severer, four capsules can also be taken at proper intervals. It is also recommended to take each capsule with 250 ml of water.

3.  Quick Result

You should expect feeling results of Gynexin within three weeks. At this stage you will notice gradual decrease in the size of breasts and after fourth or fifth week, you will see a firming of your chest area. Once you have obtained desired results, lessen your dosage to only one or two pills per day in order to maintain your natural contours. before-and-after-photoVideo Testimonial from Real Gynexin User

Pros of Gynexin

  • The pills are composed of 100% natural herbs, therefore is can be easily complemented with balanced diet without any risk of side effects.
  • Gynexin gives permanent results so that you don’t have to worry about losing its effects after sometime.
  • This supplement is an affordable option especially when compared with highly expensive surgical procedures. Besides, it does not leave any scars or other side effects on the chest.
  • The medicine comes in a plain packaging which is an added benefit that prevents you from feeling embarrassment on receiving it from postman.

Cons of Gynexin

  • It can be purchased only on the internet and it takes about 3 to 10 days to reach your home. Though it should not be a big deal when considering its benefits; however, when a person discovers some magical bullet for his problem he becomes very anxious and wants to have it in an instant moment.
  • This medicine aims at only sloughing off extra fats from chest and does not build pectoral muscles. But again this is not a big issue because it has not been meant for building muscles. Its preparation is for reducing male breasts.

gynexin alpha formula picture

Where to Buy Gynexin?

The best option is to visit the official website of Gynexin to purchase it at a reasonable price. It comes in different packets with different supplies. For one-month supply to four-month supply, Gynexin has four standard packs available at $ 69.95, $128.95, $183.85, and $234.65.

does gynexin work picture


  1. Daniel Kinsella says:

    I have a problem.
    I have man boobs and fat around the belly.
    How can i get it away?
    pleas help me!!!!!!!!

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