December 15, 2017

Hair Removal

hair removal

Photo by Vancouver Laser & Skincare Centre

Hair removal is referred to the removal of body hair as well as various methods used to achieve this. Men and women both have hair on the head, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic region, armpits, and legs; however, only men have hair on other body parts like their face, chest, back and abdomen. Apart from cosmetic reasons, people tend to remove hair because of different factors including mainly cultural, medical and religious. Ever since the inception of life, hair removal has been practiced in every culture; the method to doing this has obviously been remained different from time to time and even from culture to culture.

Cosmetic reasons urge people especially females to get rid of unwanted hair and have a hairless skin. With the exception of hair on eyelashes, eyebrows and head, women like to have smooth, glowing and hairless skin. Owing to the increasing desire of hair removal, cosmetic industry has also been introducing a number of new gadgets based on multiple methods of hair removal.

Mainly there are two forms of hair removal: depilation and epilation. In the former type, hair is removed only from the surface of skin. The mechanical ways to removing surface hair include shaving and trimming. On the other hand, the use of chemical depilatories also removes the hair by disconnecting the disulfide bonds of hair. Gel, cream, lotion, powder come under the category of chemical depilation.

The second form of hair removal, epilation, removes the entire hair extracting it up from below the skin. Waxing, epilation devices, intense pulsed light, sugaring, threading and  laser are some of the methods of epilation. In the presence of a series of hair removal methods, people tend to look for long lasting, least painful and least expensive methods for hair removal. Each person should choose a single method or a combination of methods that appear beneficial for him on the basis of cost, available time, and type of skin.

Following is a brief description of two most common methods of hair removal: shaving and laser.

Shaving has been one of the most common and prevalent methods of hair removal. After the application of some moisturizer on the skin, shaving is done with the help of razor that smoothly glides on the skin and cuts off the hair from the surface. Water, hair conditioner and shaving cream are used as a moisturizer in order to eschew scratches.  The obvious advantage of shaving is that it does not turn the hair shaft thicker and darker. However, the short hair shaft may appear more visible as soon as it surfaces because it has a blunted tip rather than the normal pointed tip.

The modern technology has evolved an efficient use of lasers for the purpose of removing hair. Lasers work speedily by emitting pulsed beams of highly concentrated light which is absorbed by the pigment that is present in the hair follicles. It proves much efficient when operated by experienced dermatologists. However, laser hair removal at home through the help of home-kits is also a viable method. Laser hair removal at home or clinics might be a little bit uncomfortable but it is a painless method. Lasers take few minutes to hours to remove the hair depending on the size of the area being treated.

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