December 17, 2017

Does green tea help you lose weight?

It’s no secret, many people are overweight in the country and around the world. Our modern, consumerist society doesn’t help this, and in fact obesity has almost become an epidemic situation. As a result, many people try to find ways to lose weight, using various diets, exercises and so on.

The weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar business, with people spending a lot of money trying to cut down on the fat. But according to more and more nutritionists, a new, relatively cheap item could help you as well. Namely, green tea. But does green tea really help you lose weight?

There’s no question that many so-called diet programs don’t work. People get on the diet, or the exercise program, and after a few weeks they barely see any result, and give up. Or, even if they do lose weight, they gain it all back in a matter of months. It’s hard to stay away from good tasting food, items with a lot of fat, calories and sugar. That’s not even talking about salt and everything else that’s bad for you. So when there’s talk of something as simple as tea, people tend to listen.

The big advantage of green tea is that it tastes good, requires very few efforts to drink it, and it’s not very expensive, compared with some of the weight loss programs out there. So if indeed it can help people lose weight that would be a very good way. Indeed, that’s exactly what some researchers started to study about a decade ago, trying to see if this was the case.

According to a study published a few years back in the International Journal of Obesity, green tea isn’t only good against heart disease, but can also help lose weight. In fact, they traced the benefit to the antioxidant property of green tea, or more specifically the plant itself when combined with caffeine, although caffeine alone did not have those same properties.

Many green tea marks, like Tava Tea for example, have the necessary ingredients to contribute to weight loss. The benefit seems to be especially visible as a way to keep lost fat from coming back, for people who were already on a diet or other weight loss program. The compound effect is believed to be having a positive effect on the body.

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It’s important to note that green tea by itself won’t be a full health solution. A good diet and exercise is always needed, but the benefit of green tea is very visible when combined with those other activities. Whereas someone who gave up exercise would gain pounds back, with green tea they can keep that fat off. It does seem that green tea does help you lose weight, and in today’s world, that’s a very good news for many people.

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