December 15, 2017

Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

cracking knuckles picCracking your knuckles is one of the things that are popularly thought to cause arthritis but is this true? Actually this common myth that cracking knuckles arthritis is related is completely false. Cracking knuckles is when you snap the knuckle joints until they make a cracking or a popping noise.

The noise is made by the bone returning to its correct position in the joint because when you push the bone out of the way when you crack your knuckles. Synovial fluid is found in between the cartilage which is at the end of the bone. This fluid is the bone and joint lubricant and it contains oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

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When you move the bone around in the joint, the synovial fluid gases are what form a bubble which then pops so there is the popping or cracking noise. You can also crack your wrist, elbows, neck, back, knees and toes. Cracking happens when you push the fingers so that the pressure on them will make the joint pop.

Some people do it out of habit while others do it to find some relief if their hands are tired. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints because the cartilage is worn out or adequate amounts of synovial fluid are not being produced. This leads to the bones rubbing against each other causing friction which in turn causes pain.

The causes of arthritis are not known exactly but there are factors that contribute to the development of arthritis. Some of these are genetics, age, weight, injuries and diseases such as gout which deposits uric acid crystals in the joints interfering with the smooth movement of the joint. There are different types of arthritis depending on the cause of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and it occurs as a result of cartilage wearing away because of injury, age, excess weight or an unhealthy diet. The cartilage provides the joint with smooth movements. When it is damaged or wears out then the bones rub against each other which is very uncomfortable.

The symptoms include pain and stiffness in the joint, tenderness on the joint especially when pressure is applied and sometimes you may experience swelling around the joint area. Septic arthritis is whereby the synovial fluid is infected by bacteria, a virus or a fungus. The surrounding tissues may also be infected. The symptoms of this type of arthritis are sharp pains in the joint, swelling and there may be a fever.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the synovial membrane is under attack leading to inflammation and pain in the joints. It mostly affects older women who are above middle age but it may also be found in children. One of the causes of rheumatoid arthritis is thought to be genetics.

The symptoms include inflamed and swollen joints, stiffness especially when you wake up and the stiffness can be so severe that it may render you immobile for a while. It also affects multiple joints at once unlike other types of arthritis. Another symptom may be a persistent feeling of fatigue.

With all these different types of arthritis, cracking knuckles arthritis are not related because cracking your knuckles does not lead to arthritis. However studies have shown that people who habitually crack their knuckles may injure the ligaments or the joint may weaken over a long period of time. As an arthritis sufferer you will have to take medication to relieve the symptoms as it is not a permanently curable disease.

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Cracking knuckles arthritis is not true but there are many other causes of arthritis. Whatever the cause of your arthritis is Provailen will relieve the pain and stiffness in your joints.

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