January 19, 2018

Arthrosis vs Arthritis and A Powerful Treatment

Arthrosis vs Arthritis picWhat is Arthrosis vs Arthritis?

Although Arthrosis and Arthritis have something in common, these terms have different meanings. Some individuals find the two conditions confusing while the others mistakenly interchange their definition. With this in mind, proper differentiation is in order.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition affecting the joints. The disease comes from a number of causes that include infection, injury, overweight or obesity and metabolic disorders. Arthritis may also occur when the body is affected by an auto-immune disorder. An autoimmune disorder causes the body’s own immune system to attack its own healthy cells and tissues.

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Arthritis may be eliminated when the cause of the disease has been treated. Nonetheless, the condition may persist and become a chronic arthritis. This syndrome provides the feeling of heat or warmth in the affected area, stiffness, swelling, skin redness around the affected joint and pain.

Arthritis encompasses all types of joint inflammation. In general, there are more than 100 different forms of arthritis. However, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout are the most common conditions.

The treatment for this condition is geared towards the improvement of the joints’ function, pain reduction and damage prevention. Effective management of the disease requires physical therapy, exercise, good nutrition, and medications.In severe cases, surgery such as arthroplasty and joint replacement may be needed.

How does Arthritis occur?

Arthritis occurs when the cartilage protecting the joint breaks down. The cartilage serves as the cushion protecting the joints from shock and pressure. When the cartilage suffered a significant amount of wear and tear, the bones that meet at the joint will then rub together.

joint pain picHow is Arthritis diagnosed?

A medical professional will evaluate your condition through physical exam and your medical background. The purpose of the examination is to check for fluid around the affected joints, warm, swollen and painful joints and any sign of joint inflexibility.

Your doctor may also ask for joint x-rays, blood tests and necessary fluid test when the joint can be extracted for a fluid sample. When the joint has shown some deformity, it may already be a sign of a severe kind of arthritis.

Arthrosis vs Arthritis

Arthrosis came from the Greek word, “arthros”, which means “joint”. Arthrosis has two meanings. Primarily, it is a joint that connects two bones for the purpose of motion, but in relation to Arthritis, it is a type of chronic bonejoint disease that worsens overtime.

Arthrosis is a short-term for osteoarthritis, one of the most common types of Arthritis. Arthrosis is a bonejoint condition under the disease, Arthritis. Although both the disease affects the joints, they possess certain distinctness.

What is Arthrosis?

Compared to Arthritis, this disease is a non-inflammatory condition of the joints. However, it causes the joint cartilage to break down. The cause may be due to aging, injury or constant wear and tear.

Arthrosis or Osteoarthritis provides swelling and intense pain. It also has the ability to affect every joint in the body. With time, it causes the affected body parts to lose flexibility and range of motion. The most common affected areas are the hips, knees and the spine.

The treatment for Osteoarthritis may consist of anti-inflammatory medications, proper physical therapy and non-strenuous exercises. There are several types of Arthrosis which are Lumbar Arthrosis, Coxarthrosis, Cervical Arthrosis and Facet Arthrosis. To appropriately evaluate your condition, you should consult your doctor upon experiencing joint pains.

In Arthrosis vs Arthritis, the two differ from their inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature. Since Arthrosis is a type of Arthritis, you may be suffering from Arthritis but your symptoms may suggests that your specific condition is Arthrosis.

The Treatment for Arthritis

The pain and discomfort that this disease provides can become unbearable and your medications may become inadequate. Furthermore, the prescription medications that are given to you will only suppress your symptoms but will not treat the condition. If you are among the thousands who are still desperately looking for a proven way to become Arthritis-free, the Provailen supplements are your sure way of achieving treatment.

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Even if you get confused with Arthrosis vs Arthritis, Provailen can be taken for the two different conditions.

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